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TANZANIA TOUR COMPANY. You can ascend Mount Kilimanjaro with us, go on a safari, and take a beach holiday to the island of Zanzibar. Since our operations headquarters is in Moshi town, just on the Kilimanjaro mountain’s slopes, we are always prepared to organize hiking and safari excursions and Cultural tours.

QUALIFIED TOUR OPERATOR, We insist on a very high tour quality and therefore only work with qualified and professional tour guides. In fact, we reject up to 90% of the tour guides applications that we get. The result speaks for itself our customer reviews with an average score of 4.8 out of 5.0 possible

AFFORDABLE PRICES, Amazing travel experiences are priceless. However, knowing that you got the best price, makes them even better. With a Best Price Guarantee on all tours, you always get the best deal on African Trek & Travel

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Popular Climbing Route

7 days lemosho route kilimanjaro climbing.

The lemosho route is most scenic route also is good route for those how have not at high elevation because offered effective acclimatisation.

6 days machame route kilimanjaro climbing.

machame route is know as "whiskey route" because it often being tougher than marangu route "coca cola route" but its good camping route which allows acclimatisation.

5 days marangu route kilimanjaro climbing.

marangu route is most oldest route in kilimanjaro climbing is also know as "coca cola route".This route is only route which offers sleepng huts



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