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Waterfall in Materuni The lovely coffee hamlet of Materuni is located on the Kilimanjaro mountainside. From tree to cup, make your own cup of coffee. Learn from the native Chagga people the secrets of what makes an excellent cup of coffee. A little distance from the town were the 80-meter-tall Materuni waterfalls. A leisurely dip in Kilimanjaro's glacial water may brighten your day.

Program ( 1 day )

  • Day 1

    Moshi-Chemka (Kikuletwa)

    Start the day with a brief journey up the Kilimanjaro slopes to Materuni, a town that is around 1,800 meters above sea level. Some of the greatest coffee in East Africa is said to come from this verdant rainforest location. Visit a tiny coffee farm first thing in the morning to find out how the bean is cultivated, picked, and processed locally. Experience processing, roasting, and making a fresh cup of coffee the Chagga way for yourself. After taking a short stop for coffee, you will go off on a stunning 45-minute journey across hills and valleys to reach the waterfalls. Your tour guide will educate you along the route about local flora and their uses.offering you additional knowledge about the Chagga culture in the area. A natural valley with rocks rising up to 200 feet above conceals the waterfalls. In a little pool where you may unwind, have lunch, and swim in the chilly mountain waters, water flows straight down in a curtain. You will get back in the car and drive to Moshi after the waterfall trek. You're going to adore this trip since it's full of breathtaking natural beauty, interesting information, and, of course, coffee.

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